You work passionately on your organization's mission

Our passion is in helping you achieve it.

We are a technology service provider with a focus on third-sector organizations. We partner with nonprofits, social services, government organizations, or businesses with a deeply social goal at their core. Our offerings have been tailored to fit the specific challenges of these organizations, and to accelerate them toward achieving their mission.


Technology professionals working for the greater good

Executive Partner Services

Kind of like an accountant, lawyer, or engineer -- except we do technology. 


  • You're running on outdated applications or hardware because your budget doesn't allow for costly upgrades. 

  • Your IT staff (if you have them) do great work but you're constantly wondering if their efforts are being focused in the right place. 

  • You want to spend your time on your building business relationships, not on keeping up with technology trends.

Solution: Our Executive Partner Service

  • A peer, experienced in information technology, who works with you to continuously understand your business environment, and provide decision-making advice related to technology. 

  • Not simply advice on-demand, but someone who meets with you at regular intervals to keep your technology strategy and projects on track. 

  • Technology strategies, budgets, best practices -- our executive partners work with you to ensure these all remained aligned and appropriate for your specific business. 

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Managed IT Services

Your remote IT team


  • You have few, or no IT staff for the day to day operation of your technology systems, and keeping the lights on is removing staff from higher value work toward your organization's mission. 

  • You struggle with attraction and retention of the appropriate technical skills to manage your technology infrastructure and protect your data and digital assets. 

Solution: Our Managed IT Services

  • We remotely monitor and manage your systems, and network and ensure operational stability. 

  • We provide a layer of protection against malware attacks via web and email, and implement a data protection plan to ensure the integrity of your data at all times.   

Consulting Services

Accomplishing your key initiatives


  • You have critical initiatives with a heavy technology component, and require outside expertise to act as project manager or completely deliver the project. 

  • You don't have the bandwidth to complete the initiatives with your existing staff and are looking for a partner to take on the extra work. 

Solution: Our Consulting Services 

  • From network infrastructure refreshes to Office 365 migrations, or projects that require deep research and analysis, cymplify.IT consultants as as technically broad as they are deep, and above all, extremely professional and proficient. 

  • Our consulting engagements are structured to ensure you are billed when you get the right deliverable at the right time in the project. This keeps us accountable, and ensures your satisfaction. 

We can't wait to hear about the exciting opportunities you have in store for us. 

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