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You work passionately on your organization's mission

Our passion is in helping you achieve it.

We are a technology service provider with a focus on third-sector organizations. We partner with nonprofits, social services, government organizations, or businesses with a deeply social goal at their core. Our offerings have been tailored to fit the specific challenges of these organizations, and to accelerate them toward achieving their mission.

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Technology advisors working for the greater good

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Fractional CIO

Your Chief Information Officer, as-a-Service

While technology permeates every business, not all organizations have enough work for a full-time technology leader. Still, there is a need for someone to provide strategic guidance on technology direction, oversee the execution of IT projects, and ensure the ongoing reliability of IT systems. 

Our fractional CIO service provides you with a dedicated partner who takes on the leadership and management functions of your IT department. 

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Fractional CISO

Your Information Security Leader, as-a-Service

The domains of cybersecurity protection, governance, risk and compliance is daunting for any business or technology leader. Critical though it may be, many organizations struggle to attract the necessary knowledge and skills and the leadership level. And yet many don't need to staff this as a full-time role. 

Our fractional CISO service provides you with a dedicated partner who provides strategic guidance in the areas of cybersecurity defense, and regulatory compliance. 

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Fractional CTO

Your Technology Product Owner

Your business is powered by a mobile app, or a technology platform, and you need a partner to assist with it's strategic direction while you manage the front-office. 

Our fractional CTO offering provides you with a dedicated partner who can manage the strategic and tactical elements of maintaining a technology product. 

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Professional Services

Your IT Consultant and Implementaiton Specialist

Cymplify Technology Consultant is a professional services engagement that you can engage to accomplish your key technology projects and initiatives. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to engage in a no-obligation discussion with you to understand the project's scope and desired outcomes, and we'll let you know how we can assist. 

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