You work passionately on your organization's mission

Our passion is in helping you achieve it.

We are a technology service provider with a focus on third-sector organizations. We partner with nonprofits, social services, government organizations, or businesses with a deeply social goal at their core. Our offerings have been tailored to fit the specific challenges of these organizations, and to accelerate them toward achieving their mission.


Technology professionals working for the greater good


Cymplify Strategic Partner

The Executive Director's personal technology guru

Cymplify Strategic Partner is a retained engagement that provides the leadership team with a dedicated technology expert. The focus of this engagement is on achieving business outcomes with technology rather than simply keeping it running. 

This expert meets with the organization regularly, checking in on progress through the technology plan, providing recommendations on business problem solutions, and offering any guidance and advice as needed. 

Ask us how our strategic partners can transform your technology investments from a cost center to a valuable business driver. 

Students Typing at Their Computer

Cymplify Trusted Operator

The organization's remote support team

Cymplify Trusted Operator is a retained engagement that provides remote monitoring and management of the company's critical infrastructure, and protection of their data assets. 

Our team proactively monitors your servers, network, and data backups to ensure their continued reliable operation. We also work to continuously improve your environment, aligning it's operation to our standards and best practices. 

As us how our trusted operators can provide you with peace of mind that your critical technology services will remain reliable, available, and secure. 

Fixing a Computer

Cymplify Heroic Technician

On-demand reactive support when you need it

Many IT services providers have abandoned hourly support. We recognize that there are many organizations that remain unable to commit to monthly service contracts, or simply wish to build a degree of trust first.

If all you need is to call someone when the chips are down, know that you can rely on us. 

In Meeting

Cymplify Technology Consultant

Accomplishing your key initiatives

Cymplify Technology Consultant is a professional services engagement that you can engage to accomplish your key technology projects and initiatives. 

Don't hesitate to contact us to engage in a no-obligation discussion with you to understand the project's scope and desired outcomes, and we'll let you know how we can assist.