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Cymplify Strategic Partner

The Executive Director's personal technology guru

With this engagement you meet with your partner at regular intervals (usually once or twice a month) to discuss your business and technology challenges.

This engagement is more than merely a technology expert on retainer. Your partner will know your business because he or she is engaged with others just like you, and this outside perspective brings immense value. 

Each meeting with your partner has a clear agenda, which you work with them to define. Some examples of topics you'll cover through the year include: 

  • Planning your technology strategy budget

  • Roadmapping your key initiatives throughout the year. 

  • Career path development for your IT staff

  • Disaster recovery and business continuity planning

  • Raising cybersecurity awareness within your organization

  • Governance and protection of your data

  • ...and of course that thing that's on your mind. 

A Cymplify Strategic Partner engagement is retained for one calendar year, with clear goals and metrics defined up front that we strive to meet and exceed throughout the year. 

We're really looking forward to partnering with you. 



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