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Developing a case for a business requirements function

Situation: The City's internal IT department was interested in finding creative ways to increase the number of projects it was capable of delivering, and to improve the effectiveness those projects on the city proper. Understanding that simply hiring more IT staff was cost prohibitive, they were interested in investigating whether a focused effort on business requirements gathering was a more effective way to achieve the optimization it was looking for. 

Our approach: The research we conducted on the city's behalf confirmed this hypothesis. We presented research data and insights that demonstrated the impact of clear business requirements on overall project success. Furthermore we provided a framework for measuring project success, which could also provide an opportunity for future areas of focus for further optimization, and recommendations on how these changes could be implemented into the organization's structure.   

Impact: These artifacts formed the cornerstone of a business case brought before council to request the proposed course of action to increase the frequency and efficacy of IT project delivery. 

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